June 14, 2011

Itsi Bitsi Cupcakes

This space, typical of the small stores on this stretch of Notre-Dame( Montréal, Canada), has no other structural charms beyond being well-proportioned and possessing two symmetrical windows situated on each side of the door. Yet even from the street, you can already see a lovely décor that is clean, modern, dominated by blond wood and has been dressed up with hints of colour. This store may serve cupcakes, but its style is much more Scandinavian than British. To the left, the sales counter is composed of windows and clever compartments. Inside, the well-aligned cakes form rows that progress by flavour. To the right, beautiful steel shelves hang over light wood storage cabinets. They serve to showcase a selection of objects and products that are as much a part of the décor as they are the commercial mission of the store. At the back of the space is a mural of giant photos that creates dynamism and reinforces the attention paid to the design.  

Source: Itsi Bitsi


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