June 16, 2011

7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind (Santa Monica, US) went through a vast refresh exercise leading it into its second generation. The designers used the strengths from the first generation like the use of marble, to create a high-end appeal and incorporated new elements for a fresh, updated look that better represents the brand’s men’s and women’s apparel. Materials were choosen to create the ambience of a Southern California, Mid-century home. Dramatic features abound, including the 10-foot-tall wood plank pivoting entry doors, metal cashwrap with cantilevered wood ceiling, over-scaled mirrors, and custom-made, hand-blown glass “bubble” chandeliers. The flooring is innovative, a self-leveling, engineered polished cement, used throughout the entire space without feeling industrial. 7’s artistic use of visual merchandising—draped over logs, for example—provides beautiful displays without intimidating customers. 

Source: 7 For All Mankind

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