June 12, 2011

Albertsons Clairemont won the 2011 Sustainable Award

Albertsons Clairemont (San Diego, US) won the 2011 Sustainable Project Award. With a clearly defined integrated design approach and high benchmarking  goals, the project team implemented innovative energy and waste  reduction features. An on-site natural gas fuel cell powers the store, waste heat generated by  the fuel cell is reclaimed to heat and cool the store, demand-controlled ventilation to cut the energy  consumption, LED accent, track and refrigerated case lighting. An energy management system dims ambient light levels in accordance with  daylight levels, diverting 86.9 percent of construction waste from landfills, targeting a zero-waste store, the project team instituted an aggressive  recycling program, excess product donated to a local  food bank. The store employs a refrigeration leak detection  and CFC reduction program, a glycol-based secondary refrigeration system  minimizes the primary refrigerant charge, watersaving plumbing fixtures, the store also features  regional materials and materials with sustainable attributes.

Source: Albertsons

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