July 20, 2011

Michel Jodoin puts the cool in cider

To entice visitors, the Michel Jodoin cidery (Rougemont, Canada) opted for a contemporary feel that takes its inspiration from the history of the establishment. The Champigny Raymond firm led the company in a renovation that goes way beyond a simple redesign. In the stock room, they carved out a space that is just as much a salesroom as it is a place to learn about the company. 

An essential element of the décor, the cases of cider set the tone with their bold graphic interplay creating various murals. Mounted cases arranged on dollies form small islands and serve as product displays. By dressing up the high walls with huge photographs from the family archives, history now gets told both in pictures and words. The cellar archways have been filled up with a wall of bottles, while the mezzanine now groups together the administrative offices and the new laboratory, reinforcing communication between the public and employees. The façade has also been totally restored. Clad in a sporty red, it shelters a covered terrace that serves as a waiting area, where one can sit and anticipate the good things to come.

Source: Cidrerie Michel Jodoin

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