May 08, 2011

A new way of exhibiting eyeglasses

Jorge Sousa Santos designed a new optical store in Beja (Lisbon, Portugal) last year. The main purpose of the design was to create a sense of unity in the store’s interior, and to achieve a truly new way of exhibiting eyeglasses. This latter purpose was materialized by the multiplicity of round mirrors in the exhibition wall of the shop. These mirrors are a re-invention of the classic barbershop mirror, having a support for the glasses on one of its sides. The continuous exhibition wall that develops itself through two levels, intersecting an area on the first level and creating a spatial void, accomplishes the sense of unity. This notion of unity is also supported by the choice of materials, by the way some details are materialized and by the choice of the lighting. The acer wood floor becomes the supporting wall of the mirrors, the lacquered surface of the furniture envelopping the whole space in a way it becomes itself the visible surface of the wall.

Source: Mimoa

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