May 06, 2011

The Book Store with an Unique Bookshelves Concept

This book store is called Paagman Book Store which is based in The Hague (The Netherlands). As a common book store, the bookshelves are the main important furniture. CUBE Architects has designed the bookshelves for this Paagman Book Store located in the entrance of The Hague’s Central library. This small space between the escalator, the pillars and the glass round facade is framed with the bright house color of Paagman.

Two long-drawn-out bookshelves with an aisle in between it, are curved along the open shape of the facade. There is a good view from the outside square, both customers and the books are visible. Several open spaces which are found between the shelves serves as a comfortable seat to read, to walk through or as a cash register. In this way the custumer is tempted to walk through the books and sit down to look through them.

The dismountable bookshelf system of reversible shelves makes it easy to choose whether to show the books face-to-face or side by side.

Source: Paagman

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