March 11, 2011

Breitling's flagship store in NY

Breitling opened its new flagship store in NY (US) early 2011. The 800 m2 three-level store will showcase Breitling's entire collection of fine timepieces, including watches from the Breitling, and Breitling for Bentley lines as well as an assortment of special limited-edition models. Inside, it's all steel, wood and leather, and though Breitling makes a few lady sized watches, clearly the store is designed with its male customers in mind. There are plenty of allusions to the brand's aviation theme. Sexy pop-art canvases break up the wood paneled walls while case after case holds a dizzying array of watches. Selected models are highlighted in holographic vitrines, but if you think the displays are high tech, then you should get a load of the watches. The brand is doing nothing to change its reputation as a purveyor of flashy status, so if you think their product is a little gaudy, that's OK with them. Above the mezzanine, near a small case full of airplane festooned accessories, there's a stylish bar, so you can clear your mind as you decide which shiny new timepiece to take home.

Source: Breitling

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