November 04, 2010

Andreas Murkudis Store

Located in the heart of Mitte Berlin (Germany), this small boutique is at the crossing point of several busy streets.

Shaped by its prime corner site, the historical building’s interior is triangular, accentuating the existing lines of the outside perspectives. This effect is amplified by a wide glass window, flush with the wall and framing the view on a perpetually contemporary moving picture of the city. Along the main axis, defined by a long beam held up by two columns, a powerful artificial white light creates the sensation of a sky light under the sun. Berlin is a dark city where night falls quickly during the long winter. The light is treated as a surface, in the same way as the window.

The furniture, large glossy monoliths in monochrome neutral grey, gleam under the light and contrasts with the untreated oak floor. A monumental cabinet displays items of lingerie boxed as in an archive store, the only sign of the well known historical firm.

The design gives away none of the usual traits of a lingerie boutique. The interior is neither feminised nor eroticised. Schiesser Revival is a product of very high quality placed on a specific framework.

Source: Architecture News Plus

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