October 27, 2010

Differentiate through Mobile Retail

In these price-obsessed times, mobile strategies can help retailers add value back into the shopper experience equation.

The emerging mobile channel allows a new breed of shopper to research products and retailers; exchange information with peers; make purchases on-the-go; and shop across multiple venues. There's a mountain of opportunity here for retailers, but a tough one to scale without the proper guidance.

A loyalty-winning mobile strategy is the goal but can be an elusive one without a solid understanding of how your shoppers behave in this new channel and what infrastructure is necessary to scale with and take advantage of the latest technology.

In this informative whitepaper produced by RIS in collaboration with TATA Consultancy Services, you'll get advice on gearing your mobile channel for customer engagement, including tips on building a technology foundation, to designing robust and agile mobile apps.

Source: Retail Wire

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