August 31, 2010

Vision, Mission and Values in retail

During delivery of retail trainings it is very surprising to discover that many employees and sometimes even managers and supervisors don't know the company's vision, mission and values.

A vision statement defines the desired or intended future state of company. Vision is a long-term view, it is the source of inspiration. It is how to make a difference to customers, to the community, and to the world.

Mission is a formal, short, written statement purpose of an organization or a team. The company's mission statement tells why and for what purpose the company was formed, what services, goods and ideas it offers the public, and what its standards are. It should distinguish the company from all others and be stated clearly, be brief and simple so that it is understood by all (employees and customers).

The value statement is an expression of a company's core beliefs. Values drive an organization's culture and priorities. Companies write the value statement to identify and connect with the consumer. Additionally, this statement allows for the company's staff to be aware of the priorities and goals of the company.

Are your vision, mission and values defined? Are they understood and shared by your employees?

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