July 10, 2011

Rebirth of Biba at House of Fraser

Biba is frequently mentioned in the same giddy breath as mini-skirts, Mini cars, the Kings Road, the pill and various other London ‘happenings’ which shall forever define the 1960’s as a decade that swung. It was, however, born of humble origins – garments were initially sold cheaply and to many, by mail order in newspapers. But by the early 1970’s, Biba – a labour of love, a label, a lifestyle – had reached hitherto unknown heights of sophistication, innovation and retail experimentation, via its legendary Big Biba emporium on Kensington High Street (once hailed in the Sunday Times as ‘the most beautiful store in the world’). The end came through a combination of clashes between the management and the dire downturn in the British economy. A rebirth of the brand has been launched exclusively at House of Fraser in September 2010 with a dedicated website Mybiba.com.

Source: Mybiba

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