May 16, 2011

Bike Shop's Unique Spin on Advertising

It’s hard to mistake what business they’re in. It’s of a bicycle shop in Germany. In lieu of a sign, the proprietors decided to advertise with a wall of real bikes. We’re not totally sure how Christian Peterson got all these bikes on his building’s façade, but he’s certainly given new meaning to the notion of a green wall. The co-owner of a bicycle shop in Altlandsberg (GE), Peterson decided to forgo the traditional storefront sign — instead he mounted his entire inventory of 120 bikes for passers-by to see. An ingenious way to advertise his shop, save some space, and promote green transportation, this too cool idea is definitely more impressive than anything an overpaid ad exec could come up with! The owner Peter Horstmann has said that his sales are up by 40% in one year compared to general German bicycle retail is down by 22%.

Source: Fahrradhof-Atlandsberg

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