April 24, 2011

Via Venetto

Via Venetto is a 30-year old shoe retail store located in Makati City (Philippines). The architects, Buensalido+Architects managed to find a balance between maintaining some of retail store characteristics and infusing them with newer, more contemporary forms. ‘VIA’ refer to path, walkway or roadway and synonymous to the characteristic of ‘movement’. Translated physically, the feeling of movement was represented by a series of undulating archs that loom over you as you traverse inside the store. The experience almost becomes ceremonial. These archs were then interconnected with a myriad of beams, forming a diamond shaped faceted web. The parralelism of the diamond represents the store’s standing in the local retail community – in the same way a diamond has developed its sparkle through time, the brand attained the market’s trust thru time as well.

Source: Via Venetto

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