March 19, 2011

Posada Books

In the heart of Brussels (Belgium), we find the bookstore Posada art books. According to the Guardian, the store was elected in 2008 as the 7th most beautiful bookstore in the world. More than 35 years ago the Dutch booksellers Martijn Oleff and his wife Ada Roorda founded Posada art books. Previously they worked in the art world in New York, the Netherlands and Spain. Their tireless energy, restlessness and love for books on the visual arts: applied arts, collections, art history, exhibition catalogues, monographs, reference books, journals for architecture, design and photography ... now fill the four floors of this store. Composed of a narrow front and back house, both connected with a covered patio, a unique space is created with the highest bookcase in the world. Staircases and galleries unveil room after room with a multitude of objects. Located in a dear old house near St Magdalen's church in Brussels, Posada Books is as famous for its pretty interior as it is for its collection of new and second-hand art books. Has a remarkable collection of exhibition catalogues, which goes back to the beginning of the last century, and holds occasional exhibitions too. Source: Posada Books

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