March 15, 2011

De Eenhoorn

Step into the world of coffee, tea, cigars and wine. De Eenhoorn coffee & tea comes from the same stable as The Elephant, which produces tobacco products since 1832. Together they form the "Compagnie van Verre". Both companies are contributing to a different way of consuming by consciously enjoying quality products. Their philosophy is to select only natural pure ingredients of the finest quality selected and process them into delicious products. Visit the gorgeous, historic building in the town of Kampen. Here you may look, smell and taste. Convince yourself of quality products with a philosophy.

The owner won in 2010 the Heritage Prize Zwolle-Kampen because of his efforts to maintain the premises which are an important part of the cultural and historical heritage of Zwolle-Kampen (The Netherlands).

De Eenhoorn

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