February 09, 2011

A historic cross-over in Paris

Luxury brand Hermès made a historic cross-over to Paris's Rive Gauche (France), to launch last November a fabulous 2,000 m2 store at a site that was formerly a swimming pool, built in an art déco style. This space is as open as it is grand, and while its past is respected and honoured, the contemporary adds-on truly make it remarkable. Architect Denis Montel of design practice RDAI added three curved installations of latticed wood that add visual drama. Although the new flagship offers the obvious silk scarves, bags and other sought-after fashion items, it’s all about the home collections here. We’re not only talking textiles, carpets and tableware, but also objets d’art and re-editions of 1930s-era furniture. And if that isn’t enough, the Hermès store also features a flowershop, bookstore and a small tea room that’s wittily called "le plongeoir".

Source: Hermès

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