February 05, 2011

The biggest Forever 21 store in Asia

Forever 21 has been expanding in Japan ever since last year’s opening of their first Tokyo location in Harajuku. Their newest store is the massive Forever 21 Shibuya, located in the old HMV building. Forever 21 Shibuya held its grand opening on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas shopping. At six stories tall, Forever 21 Shibuya immediately takes the title of the biggest Forever 21 store in all of Asia.

With over 4,200 square meters of floor space and six floors, Forever 21 Shibuya will stock almost everything for which the fast fashion brand is known. Floors 1-4 are all womenswear – including denim and the Love21 collection. On Floor 5 you’ll find menswear, accessories, and kids clothing. The sixth floor is set aside for shoes and lingerie.

Source: Forever21

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