January 20, 2011

Al Bazar style

Al Bazar is not Milan style; but it is a standout destination for classic menswear in Milan (Italy).

Milanese residents get frustrated at times that Al Bazar is the most famous menswear shop for foreign fans of classic tailoring. Its unique persona – literally, in founder Lino Ieluzzi – and stylish quirks has created an enthusiastic following. But the style is Lino’s. He wears it, designs it, buys it. It is not Milan; for that, go to Bardelli just a few streets away. It is just Al Bazar: a stylish collection of oddities, inspiration and chaotic colours.

The clothes at Al Bazar are a mixture of other brands (Levi’s), designs for the store from other companies (Guy Rover for Al Bazar shirts) and clothes under the store’s label (most of the jackets and tailoring). There is a mixture of bright and classic colours, jackets and suits, classic and Neapolitan shoulders. But all are cut pretty slim – a double-breasted jacket is adjusted to be very narrow, on the understanding that it will be undone when the gentleman sits down. Contrary to tradition, perhaps, but it does allow for a much more aggressive shape.

Source: Al Bazar

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