December 03, 2010

Vila Sofa

Vila Sofa, a furniture store that opened in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in October is a clever design feat by Tjep. Vila Sofa is positioned somewhere between an IKEA store and a conventional furniture store and its claim to fame is reasonable prices and a guaranteed 48-hour delivery of all displayed models. The Amsterdam-based "Tjep" faced the challenge of making all this look cool. It zeroed in on the warehouse concept but with a homey twist. It focused on the aspects of speed and the transitional nature of the place where factory-born furniture lives while waiting to be taken to your home. Combining warehouse and home isn’t easy, but this was accomplished only by suggesting both. They used warehousing and transportation symbols as the basis for gigantic cutouts and wall graphics, and created a white wall with cutouts of chandeliers, windows and ornate balconies that imply a villa and refer to your home as your castle. Staff rides around in cute cash-register trolleys so that customers don’t need to go to them.

Source: Vila Sofa

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