December 01, 2010

Oh Wow Book Club

The first Oh Wow Book Club has opened its doors in a tiny 150 square-foot space in New York’s Greenwich Village (US). The retail space is located below street level in a historic brownstone on Waverly Place. The black-and-white tiled floor and the turquoise walls create a decidedly aquatic mood although the designer, Rafael de Cárdenas, was thinking less of marine habitats and more of a classic pre-war NYC water closet when he themed the space.

Experience designer and architect Rafael de Cárdenas of Architecture At Large is a master of creating moods. In Oh Wow Book Club, he has explored not only the sensations of disorientation and floating through neon lighting and random wall color patterns and placement of shelves, but also the feel of direction through the Navajo carpet-like tile pattern of the floor.
All of these themes are evident also in Oh Wow’s Miami exhibition space, that de Cárdenas designed in 2008 and to which the Miami Art Basel crowd took right away.

Oh Wow (Our House West of Wynwood) is a collaborative creative enterprise conceived by New York’s event impresario Aaron Bondaroff and Miami art and publishing powerhouse Al Moran.

Source: Oh Wow Book Club

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