December 08, 2010

London’s independent retail offering - Hostem

In a somewhat off-the-path location – a couple of miles outside what is typically considered the heart of London (UK) – lies a store merging labels and designer typically not seen under the same roof. A brainchild of native Londoner James Brown, Hostem strives to lift the spirit of the city’s independent retail scene.

From an early age, Brown was fascinated with clothing, saving money to purchase pieces from the likes of Carol Christian Poell and Carpe Diem. After residing in places such as Perugia, Los Angeles and Tokyo, Brown felt inspired to get involved in the world of fashion and retail. Having returned to London, he began the two year process of building Hostem.

Located in the Shoreditch area of downtown London, the space housing the store was transformed by London based design duo James Russell and Hannah Plumb, collectively known as Jamesplumb. The result is a unique and inviting space influenced by history – take for example the original reclaimed Victorian floorboards and antique furniture all hand treated.

Source: Hostem

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