February 27, 2011

Harman Audio

Harman opened its first Chinese flagship store in Shanghai last October. The store was crafted to be dynamic, original and beautiful, while simultaneously delivering a unique experience to customers.
The façade of the Harman flagship store is illuminated with backlit Harman signage, enticing customers into the clean, open space. Single-cut brand logos behind a glazed façade enhance the doorway.
Harman Live—the central experience area–is dedicated to product demonstrations in a multi-screen, staged environment that offers customers the opportunity to sit and participate in in-depth tutorials or stand and watch for a snapshot demonstration. Raised rear seating offers an amphitheater-style vantage point.
The AKG Interactive Library allows customers to interact with the product privately and comfortably. Glazed screens mimic a booth-type environment, while still creating transparency and sightlines into and throughout the area. The lightweight frame structure defines the AKG zone, making it approachable from all sides.
The Dedicated Sound Rooms feature live audio demonstrations form the core of the harman kardon sound experience, strategically positioned to create uncontaminated audio excellence. Customers have the opportunity to compare a 2.1 sound to a 5.1 full surround-sound experience at the push of a button.
Heritage, depth, and unparalleled dedication to the science of sound, characteristics that have made Harman International the leading American manufacturer of audio equipment.

Source: Harman Audio

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