November 18, 2010

Red Market won the Mercurius 2010 award for innovation

The Delhaize Group won the Mercurius 2010 award for innovation with its Red Market concept. Red Market is a new discount concept kicked off last year in Gembloux (Belgium). The group wants the open the next three years 250 new stores worldwide and within Europe Red Market will be a significant contributor to this. The concept is geared to 100 percent (anonymous) self-scanning. There are 250 individual hand-held scanners available, offering the customer, during shopping and without pre-registration, to scan his own products. At the cash desk - no assembly line - the Red Market chooses for the single line system used in airports. This new formula that combines quality products with competitive prices will also allow Delhaize to experiment with new systems and new work methods.

Source: Comereos

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