November 29, 2010

Le Printemps "Luxe et Accessoires"

The “Luxe et Accessoires” project started in 2009 is undoubtedly the bridge between the history of the Le Printemps department store (Paris, France) , and its new identity This redesign project, conceived and directed by architectural firm, Yabu Pushelberg, is centered around the opening up of the spacious lift shaft, the symbolic passageway between the heritage of Le Printemps (consisting of a hallway beneath the dome) and its new structure. A grand space right at the heart of the store, this spectacular nave, measuring 15m high, creates a dynamic vertical space, and successfully brings the three levels together. A series of escalators will add structure to the space, while still respecting the open-plan design.

On entering the Charras rotunda, shoppers will find an aerial mobile of white flowers – the work of artist, Pascale Girardin, and inspired by the motifs on the mosaics and the dome of the store. The rotunda is also the point of descent into the heart of the new space, with an escalator projecting over a monumental piece of artwork by Swade Hirotoshi.

The real heart of the store, however, is the central gallery. This space offers an incredible view across the entire store, and will be used for special events.

Source: Brian Leavy, Le Printemps

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