January 06, 2011

Ami-e-toi label van Mode Met een Missie

Ami-e-toi is the label of Fashion with a Mission, sold as of June 2009 in their store with the same brand name (Arnhem, The Netherlands). This store offers also a variety of other labels, carefully chosen as a complement for their own collection. The outfits range from couture to casual and are all of high quality and handmade.

The profits from sales supports the work of the Foundation Fashion with a Mission. By purchasing this garment you contribute to a sustainable product development and contribute indirectly to a better society. Fashion with a Mission was founded in 2005 to help women with problems caused by addiction, homelessness or psychiatric issues. In “teach-them-to-fish” spirit, the women are taught to make the Ami-e-toi label’s clothing and so gain a profession, and self respect.

In Mentjens’s luxurious store design, Art Deco meets boudoir and is juxtaposed with red-velvet sofas, oak parquet flooring, marble, busts on mirror-top tables, and cameos on the wall. Two massive mirrored walls ensure that the fashions and the fashionistas are visible in endless repetition. The idea “Nothing is quite as it seems” is part of the design concept, echoing the contrast between have-it-all fashionistas and the women who make the fashions.

Source: Ami-e-toi

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