October 21, 2010

Perfume & Personality

If you really wish a unique and pronounced perfume and do not desire to walk in the line of mass perfumes, IN FINE is your only solution. No one likes to be the ‘grey mouse’ of the company, thus… a special perfume with an outspoken character is always a pleasure to parade with, like a peacock displays his plumage.

This 25 year French old tradition has been introduced in Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium). 50 authentic perfumes made by a real lord of the manor, all of them with a high concentration of extracts, which makes the perfumes smell deleciously long.

The first IN FINE concept store was born in Velleron (France) in 1979. Several years later, when the collection of perfumes increased in numbers, a second shop opened in Sainte Marie de la Mer, a small bath-town in the south of France at the Mediterranean. Some time later Paris and Avignon had their store as well.

Belgium, a country with an eye for innovation, noticed this and thus IN FINE came into existence in Antwerp. An exclusive perfume house on the Grand Place of Antwerp. Not an every day location! It may not seem obvious, but it is a well-considered decision. Clients come especially to discover their ideal perfume in a relaxed atmosphere. IN FINE has deliberately chosen to distribute the perfumes in a complete separate circuit, because the choice of a perfume is not evident but extremely important. You will find your perfume in a very agreeable, cosy, calm ànd accurate way. This perfume will be the one for you. A suited and distinctive perfume!

After having chosen your perfume(s) among the IN FINE collection, you will be guided in the correct use of it, in order to be able to enjoy in simultaneously in an subtle an intense long way. An exclusive and unforgettable experience. Pure pleasure!

Source: In Fine

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