October 10, 2010

House of Wittamer

The first stone of the House of Wittamer was laid in 1910 by Henri Wittamer, on Place du Sablon (Belgium, Brussels). His son of the same name and his wife Yvonne gave birth and inspiration to Paul and Myriam Wittamer, who today are running one of the most famous patissiers chocolatiers.

Cacao Deco

Paul went to school in the other chocolate country. He returned from Switzerland dreaming of cacao. Myriam adores fashion, deco and art. Her creed? Always more, always better. Together, they apply the beautiful and the best to the world of chocolate and challenge the creativity of their workshop. Leslie, Myriam’s daughter, is taking her place in the company, which is keeping its resolutely family philosophy and size.

Artisan P√Ętissier

Each day, Wittamer’s Master P√Ętissiers are re-inventing the secrets of a successful blend between fame, innovation and craftsmanship. Resulting from this union, the macaroon, without question the establishment’s pride and joy, with flavours revisited each year on Macaroon Day (March 20th).
Other variations of the Wittamer know-how? Ices, patisseries, catering trays, up-market buffet lunches and successful special occasions.


Wittamer is Official Supplier to the Court of Belgium and Member of the Relais Desserts Association. Its know-how moreover gives pleasure beyond the borders. The House of Sablon is exported to Japan, which is so fond of its gourmet delicacies that it is opening fifteen shops in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Source: Wittamer

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