October 06, 2010

Carrefour Planet : a new hypermarket concept

As the hypermarkets are losing ground in Europe, Carrefour S.A., the world's second largest retailer has started to revamp its hypermarket format and will invest about 1,5 billion euros over 2 years to upgrade 500 hypermarkets in Western Europe. Five pilot outlets have already opened in Belgium (Waterloo), France (Ecully, VĂ©nissieux) and Spain (El Pinar, Alcobendas).
The objective of this major transformation program is to benefit customers and offer them a completely new, delighting and different shopping experience; the ultimate goal is to become the preferred retailer. The new Carrefour hypermarket concept is clearly positioned as a multi-specialist. The store is re-organized into key distinctive areas and offers customers more comfort, such as enlarged alleys, lowered shelves, optimized acoustic, new lighting, new furniture, new colors, another better signage, etc. It offers them new innovative services too, such as a snack bar, beauty space, a cooking coach, a baby expert, etc. and, unique in food retail, a nursery.
Will Carrefour succeed in recreating the destination store where shoppers choose to go?

Source: Carrefour

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