September 13, 2010

Shop of the Future: what do French consumers expect?

The recent Viavoice/Equipmag survey reveals that French consumers have different expectations of the shop of the future which vary by sex, age and social category:

  • The 25-34 year-old French consumers and the senior executives expect an efficient organization which helps them save time and choose more quickly;
  • The younger consumers are more sensitive to a friendly atmosphere and to a distinctive shop design;
  • Men and, to a lesser extent, women are looking for a new and more convivial shop concept.

A human relationship is a key buying incentive for most consumers. However men are swayed by new products and famous brand names, whereas women are more sensitive to the display, the shop window and to a relaxing shopping experience.

The survey concludes that most French consumers have noticed a change in the atmosphere of shops over the last 10 years. Today they want to save time when shopping and they are increasingly looking for warm welcome, some good advice and more human relationships in the shop of the future.

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