August 24, 2010

A convenience store for upscale shoppers

Chez Jean (Paris, France) is a convenience store, a cafe, a top-up shop and an emergency dinner ingredients shop. Launched in February 2009, it is the outcome of collaboration between the Casino Group and Relay. As well as functioning as a reasonably upscale convenience store, Chez Jean shoppers can benefit from unlimited free coffee with their breakfast, phone sockets for recharging mobiles, an in-store cash dispenser and free wi-fi access. At the heart of the store is a newspaper, lottery and flowers counter, which wraps around a heavily clad pillar. The rest of the store is zoned by hue, with a light coloured area for fast food and assisted service for chilled or hot dishes, while the darker coloured area is for self-service grocery. For the French, the name Chez Jean imparts a feeling of warmth and familiarity, coupled with no-frills surroundings. This may be stretching the import of a couple words, but as a retail proposition that would find favour with urban workers, this is a format that does seem to service a need. Open from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, this 1,485 sq ft shop is unlike anything else in the centre of a French city.

Source: Retail Week

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