August 29, 2010

Shoes and women's rights

Sandrine François started in 2008 Belles Chaussures (Brussels, Belgium), her glamorous boutique boudoir. The artisan and bespoke Italian women shoes are displayed in a vintage backdrop with pink quilted sofas. They are sold with accessories from the American Betty Boop atmosphere. The universe that the designer created here, is entirely consistent with her pin-up style. The lacquered Peep Toe, the Low Boots, all shoes are unique models, and are exhibited on a wall, framed by a team that has designed stage sets, including the Opera de la Monnaie. The wall, the carpet and curtains are in satin pink-beige tones. The shop window displays the shoes on glass cloches or legs of mannequins. Amnesty International choose Belles Chaussures for the 2009 edition of their calender (month of April)... an elegant way for Sandrine François to link her name and image of her boutique to women's rights and the fight against violence.

Source: Belles Chaussures

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